Linux One-Handed Keyboard Layouts

by Peter

One-handed typing can be accomplished in Linux through a number of scripts and techniques.

If you know of any others, please post in the comments.

A Half-QWERTY clone for Linux. Holding spacebar “mirrors” the layout, allowing you to touch-type all keys with a single hand.

Mirrorboard repository on GitHub
Linux evdev/uinput mirrorboard that mimics the functionality of the Matias 508 keyboard.

Adapting the Linux Keyboard for One Hand
A good overview of various one-handed typing techniques for Unix. One-handed Dvorak, left-hand Dvorak, right-hand Dvorak, FrogPad, and a mirrored layout Half-QWERTY clone are all covered.

Linux Half-key Keyboard Patch
Another Half-QWERTY clone for Linux. “Since the movements are the same and only the hand changes, the brain can adjust to this almost immediately.”

Ubuntu Forum thread about One-Handed Keyboards
Note to self: I should reply with a few links…

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