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by Peter

If you’re looking for FrogPad software, you’re probably interested in learning how to type with one hand.

FrogPad is a unique keyboard layout, completely different than the standard QWERTY layout that you’re used to. For some people, it might be the best one-hand typing solution. However, FrogPad software has a steep learning curve.

It will take weeks of dedicated practice to become proficient using the FrogPad layout.

Rather than learning the completely new FrogPad layout, you can instead apply your existing touch-typing muscle memory to typing with one hand.

Download the free One-Hand Keyboard app to type with one hand. It uses your existing muscle memory, so it’s very easy to learn.

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Using One-Hand Keyboard is the best way to quickly begin typing with one hand.

If you’re normally a two-hand typist, you can learn to type with one hand in minutes. Your brain already has the muscle memory, it just requires a slight adjustment.

One-Hand Keyboard is the best one-handed typing solution. However, if you’re still looking for FrogPad software, you can find that here.

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Eirik Birkeland July 8, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Does the full version allow for custom dictionaries? For example, it would be extremely useful if the app had Hunspell compatibility. This would let us use the program for a number of programs right off the bat I believe, and customize it to our use by editing the open format of Hunspell databases.

I just tried this but my work typing needs are for Norwegian, so English sadly doesn’t help me.

If such multi-language support isn’t likely anytime soon though, It’d be great if you could make it clear on the website that the app is intended for English typists.


Matthias November 16, 2014 at 8:40 am

Same question, would need it for german typing… Of no use for me if only english dictionary!


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