Easy One-Hand Keyboard Typing

by Peter

If you’re already a touch typist, there’s an easy-to-learn way to type one-handed.

The technique is perfect for any typist with a temporary injury. Something like a broken arm, fractured wrist, or sprained finger.

If you’re already a ‘normal’ touch typist using the home-row technique, you’ll be able to touch-type with one hand in minutes.

Easy One-Handed Typing

This technique basically tricks your brain into thinking you are typing with two-hands. It uses the same muscle memory as normal two-handed typing.

The One-Hand Keyboard software app then translates the keys that you pressed into the words you really meant to type.

How It Works

Let’s say you’re only typing with your left hand.

Look down at your keyboard as you are reading this. Look at the finger movement needed to hit each key, and which finger you would use.

Every time you want to type [K], type [D] instead.

If you want [O], type [W] instead

To type [I], hit the [E] key.

See how that works? Type the key on the same keyboard row, using the same finger, using the same motion.

Doing this is backed up by the science of muscle memory. Your hands and fingers ‘share’ muscle memory, so you can do things with your left hand that you normally do with your right. By “mirroring” the keyboard down the center, you’re able to type right-hand keys with your left hand, and vice versa.

[I] and [E] are both top-row, middle finger keys. So you can substitute them.

By making these substitutions, you can type the entire keyboard using only one hand.

Assisted by Software

If you followed the steps above, you now understand how your brain allows you to type right-hand letters with your left hand, and vice versa.

But the fact remains that you’re pressing the same standard keys.

Typing “this” using the technique above, you would press the physical keyboard keys [T] [G] [E] [S].

But the One-Hand Keyboard software is running in the background, as you are typing. So despite hitting the physical keys “tges”, the word “this” is inputted into the textbox.

[T] [G] [E] [S] outputs “this”

Start Touch-Typing in Minutes

Because one-handed typing is based on your existing muscle memory, it’s fast and simple to learn.

Start typing with one hand in seconds.

You’ll be fast after a few minutes using the technique.

Other layouts take weeks of dedicated practice to learn. If you have a temporary injury, your hand will probably heal before you make any progress learning the technique.

Easy-to-Learn One-Handed Typing

This technique is backed-up by muscle memory. Muscle memory that you’ve already developed.

If you are a two-hand typist, and you use the normal home-row touch-typing technique, you already know how to type with one hand thanks to your natural muscle memory.

Using the One-Hand Typing software “decodes” the gibberish keys that you press (“tges”) into the words that you meant to type (“this”).

Use this one-handed typing technique to stay productive and type fast while you are injured.

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easy type keyboard June 4, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Hi Peter, Thanks for the stunning post. Typing with one hand is very difficult. Many people can do this task very easily, but some has problem to type with the single hand. I have an iphone and I am using an app named as the fat finger for easy type keyboard. We can easily type with single hand and the main thing is it speak back whatever you typed.


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