How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by Peter

Avoid developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by periodically typing with only one hand.

One of the best ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to take frequent breaks from typing. We all know this can be hard to do, especially when you have work that needs to get done.

One-Hand Keyboard is an app for both Mac and Windows PC that allows you to type with only one hand. It uses your existing two-hand touch typing muscle memory, so it’s extremely easy to learn.

Type with one hand while resting the other

With One-Hand Keyboard, you can type with one hand while resting the other. Switch off between hands to help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI. It’s also extremely easy to switch back to the normal two-hand layout.

By switching off between two-hand typing, typing with only your left hand, and using the keyboard with your right hand, you can give each hand frequent breaks. These breaks rest the muscles in your hands and arms and allow you to keep typing longer.

If this sounds interesting, download a free demo of One-Hand Keyboard to try out the technique!

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