The iTunes Connect customer review portal has been drastically improved.

by Peter

The customer reviews section of iTunes Connect has always been a major annoyance. You used to only be able to see reviews for the current version of the app and one previous version.

You can now access customer reviews directly from the app’s main page, instead of having to look at a specific version of the app.

You can also now see all past reviews for all versions of your app. This great if, like me, you obsessively keep up to date on the reviews your apps have received.

Here’s what the new review portal looks like for one of my other apps, Reddit Notifier.

Reddit Notifier is currently up to version 1.7, but the new customer review portal is still showing reviews from version 1.3. (For a laugh, read that old review. Ridiculous.)

Unfortunately you can still only display the reviews from one country at a time. And I wish there was a way to see all reviews for all your apps, all on one page. Still, much better than what we used to have to work with.

Many thanks to all the one-handed typists who have rated One-Hand Keyboard! Eagle-eyed readers will notice that One-Hand Keyboard version 2.0 is waiting for review by Apple; it should be released by the middle of next week. It includes some major improvements, so looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Arbesa May 11, 2012 at 9:19 am

Votre blog est une excellente source d’information sur Itunes connect. Je n’avais encore rien lu de pareil. Merci, Arbesa !


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