Right-Handed Keyboards

by Peter

If you want to touch type using only your right hand, one of the right-handed computer keyboard layouts below should work for you.

#1 Recommended Right-Handed Keyboard

One-Hand Keyboard
One-Hand Keyboard is a right-handed typing app for Mac and Windows PC. Allows you to type with only your right hand. It’s extremely easy to learn if you were already a two-hand touch typist, because you already have the muscle memory.

One-Hand Keyboard: Free Demo
Free demo version of the right-handed typing app. Free trial version for Mac and Windows PC. Available on the Mac App Store.

Other Right-Handed Keyboard Layouts

Free right-handed typing app for Mac OS X. Hold spacebar to “mirror” the keyboard and access keys normally on the right side of the keyboard. Easy to learn because it is based on your existing muscle memory.

Right-Handed Dvorak
Right-hand Dvorak is a keyboard layout designed for one-handed use. The layout is included by default in Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, and is easy to turn on. However, it requires learning a completely new keyboard layout. It is not a good choice if you only need to type with one hand temporarily.

Right-Handed Wireless Keyboards
The easiest way to get a wireless right-handed keyboard is to use one of the software apps above with your favorite wireless keyboard. Normal wireless keyboards are cheap and plentiful. Use one of them, plus right-handed typing software, and you will have a right-handed wireless keyboard.

Maltron Right Hand Keyboard
The Maltron right hand keyboard is a specialized keyboard designed for right-hand use. It uses a completely new layout designed for right-handed typing.

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Narelle April 28, 2019 at 9:16 pm

Pls send details for purchase


Andy Smith July 6, 2020 at 9:21 am

Yeah, gaming keyboards have a lot of competition. Would have been nice to see some others for comparison purposes.

Otherwise, great article. Thanks!


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