Download Free One-Hand Keyboard typing software

Download a free trial of One-Hand Keyboard for Mac or PC:

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Download a FREE demo instantly

Simply click one of the buttons above to download your free demo of the One-Hand Keyboard typing software. Typing one-handed is simple and easy-to-learn using the app. You will be able to type with one hand in minutes.

The Mac OS X version of One-Hand Keyboard is downloadable through the Mac App Store. This is the easiest way to download and install apps on your Mac.

Use for as long as you need to

The free demo versions of One-Hand Keyboard do not expire. They will continue to work, even after 30 or 60 days.

Use the trial version to become a great one-hand typist. Then unlock the full version of the app for additional one-handed typing capabilities.

Use with any USB or laptop keyboard

One-Hand Keyboard is a software application, not a new physical keyboard. You can download the app instantly, and immediately start typing with one hand.

The One-Hand Keyboard app works with any handware keyboard you own. Use the keyboard on your laptop, or plug in a USB keyboard. The app allows you to type with one hand using any normal hardware keyboard.

Mac App Store

Windows PC

Please contact me if you have any trouble downloading or using One-Hand Keyboard.